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BAKUNAWA: The Filipino Dragon

2012 | Digital Ink | 7000 x 5000 pixels

For Sale: 15 ETH


Created in 2012, this iconic drawing is considered to be one of the first and most popular high-quality depictions of the Bakunawa ever made available on the internet. It was unique during that time for having the moon dramatically clasped in the dragon's jaws.

The artwork has served as an inspiration to many artists and people from all over the world to create and take a deeper dive into Philippine mythology. It has also been featured in a number of books and documentaries about dragons and myths.


The subject: Bakunawa is the gargantuan, moon-eating, dragon-deity from Philippine mythology. Ancient Filipinos believe it to be the cause of eclipses.


See more information about the Bakunawa here:


The jpeg image is a hefty 7000 x 5000 pixels and perfect for large, framed prints.

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