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I Just Launched the Powerful Komiksman Podcast!

Episode 001 is now finally available on Youtube

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Late last year was when I decided to fulfill my podcasting dreams. Podcasts have been a huge part of my media consumption for the last several years. For some reason, I had grown to prefer listening to other people talk rather than watch tv shows, movies or even listen to music. What I previously thought to be a weird, pretentious, and vain form of entertainment, I learned to understand the value and unique experience that listening to podcasts can bring to your life.

I have been working full-time as a freelance creative for nearly ten years now. Before that, I used to work in a studio where I had awesome conversations with my co-workers as we drew storyboards for our clients. I love the freedom and pride that comes along with being your own boss and making things on your own; I also do not miss the heavy traffic during daily commutes, but I do miss the conversations and exchange of ideas with like-minded people. It is the void that podcasts fills in my life. Sure I do have friends and family I can talk to, but I always look for different perspectives from reasonable people outside my own circle. I think those are invaluable things a person needs, whether you agree to them or not.

Podcast Heroes

My podcasting journey, I would consider, started when I discovered Joe Rogan's, The Joe Rogan Experience. You see, I am a hardcore MMA fan, specially the UFC, and one of the UFC's most prominent faces is the former Fear Factor host, color commentator, Joe Rogan. To be honest, Joe's high-pitched voice kind of annoyed me a bit and the fact that he hosted Fear Factor made me raise my eyebrows. Why the hell was he chosen to host the world's premier MMA organisation, which also happens to be the most violent spectacle on TV just a little more than a decade ago? The more I watched though, I slowly realised that hey, this dude actually knows the sport! He explains striking techniques like I have never heard before and he made me understand and appreciate the complex movements of wrestling and jiu jitsu to what otherwise looked like gay porn when fighters hit the mat.

So I finally made my research about him, and let's just say the things I found out blew my mind! I wouldn't make this post about Joe anymore because I have a LOT to say about him. That may be an entire post on its own, but here's what I always say to describe how much I love the guy: "I am a guy who loves who I am. I really do, to the point that If I could be Brad Pitt, I'd probably still choose to be me. But I'd be Joe Rogan in a heartbeat if I could." The " The Powerful" part of my podcast's title is my tribute to him.

The best thing about JRE though is that the podcast has become so popular, other podcasters and speakers have regularly guested on the show. All of a sudden I am being introduced to fantastic thinkers and personalities that I would have never heard of if I did not follow the Joe's podcast. People like Sam Harris, Duncan Trussell, Ben Shapiro, the "real" Chael Sonnen, Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen, and of course, Joey "Coco" Diaz. These are just my favorites, but I can go on and on. Not bad from a guy who used to make people drink donkey sperm on national television.

New Job: Podcaster

Talking to the public is a job no business executive would ever hire me to do —so I hired myself. Now, here I am. After a couple of months of practicing techniques during my free time, not to mention significant purchases of equipments, and learning the software needed for broadcast; after several trials and errors in choosing my tools and plenty of practice runs, I have finally released my shit. With full audio and video to boot, in my humble studio that I set up. That's another post for another time as well.

Right now, I do not have the following just yet. I am currently only on my Youtube channel with just a little over 50 followers and Soundcloud with even less followers, but I don't care. I'm still struggling to make the channel grow, but fortunately, I am a patient man. I'm just having a good time and getting better at this point, and just allowing myself to find who I really am as a podcaster and what materials do I really want to put out. I have a great vision for the show and sooner or later, it will materialize. So subscribe to my channel and subscribe for future bragging rights.

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