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Late last year was when I decided to fulfill my podcasting dreams. Podcasts have been a huge part of my media consumption for the last several years. For some reason, I had grown to prefer listening to other people talk rather than watch tv shows, movies or even listen to music. What I previously thought to be a weird, pretentious, and vain form of entertainment, I learned to understand the value and unique experience that listening to podcasts can bring to your life.

I have been working full-time as a freelance creative for nearly ten years now. Before that, I used to work in a studio where I had awesome conversations with my co-workers as we drew storyboards for our clients. I love the freedom and pride that comes along with being your own boss and making things on your own; I also do not miss the heavy traffic during daily commutes, but I do miss the conversations and exchange of ideas with like-minded people. It is the void that podcasts fills in my life. Sure I do have friends and family I can talk to, but I always look for different perspectives from reasonable people outside my own circle. I think those are invaluable things a person needs, whether you agree to them or not.