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Starting a Podcast -The Powerful Komiksman Podcast Episode 002

The second episode is out! I had a little break in my schedule and was able to sneak in one podcast session. Well, actually I did two because I messed up my video output settings on OBS on the first try. The video turned out very laggy and sometimes out of sync with the audio. It was so bad, I had to discard that take. Every time I try to record a show, I learn new things about this craft —either through a new discovery or through a catastrophic failure like this one. Either way, every knowledge I pick up while learning this new skill is so precious.

It was weirdly satisfying to have finally launched this podcast. It is amazing to see people actually responding to it. Sure, it is very far from being a viral hit, but I sincerely, I appreciate everyone who watched it. I doubt anyone has finished it yet though, but that's alright. Just between you and me, i haven't listened to the whole thing myself. Give me some more time and we'll get there eventually.

I'm gonna try to do Drawing Companion livestream tomorrow if the internet connection in this hotel I'm staying is fast enough.

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