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UP Vet Med: The Budget-Friendly Animal Hospital

I grew up in the province, in a town where everybody knew each other, and yet, I didn't know of any veterinarians in our neighborhood. All my life I was told going to the vet to get your pet treated is a privilege that only the rich can afford, so that ingrained in my mind that getting medical help for them costs a fortune.

I remember bracing myself for a tremendous bill when I first walked into a vet clinic. It was scary, but I just could not do nothing but watch as my then puppy's health deteriorates.

In the end, I was surprised that the total tab did not even reach half of what I expected. It then occurred to me that I was just ignorant about it. Sure, the amount I paid would still be hefty to the poorest of poor, but as I have observed, even non-poor people often still have this notion that they cannot afford medical help for their pets, when the truth is, most of the time, it actually doesn't break the bank to get it, specially if you know where to go. Besides, what is a few bucks if it ensures the survival of a living, sentient creature?

*Photo taken from UPVTH Facebook page.

This is where the UP Veterinary Teaching Hospital comes in handy. For those who are around the area, this hospital is one of the most competent and budget-friendly animal hospitals in the country. Everything from the consultations, treatments, and vaccines are just about half the price or even less, compared to private vet clinic's rates. It is a government-funded facility which serves as the training grounds for UP Diliman's College of Veterinary Medicine students, which explains why this hospital is a lot more affordable and why their staff is some of the best veterinarians in the Philippines.

So if you can make the trip to this location, make sure to visit it in case your beloved pets needed medical attention. I also recommend having your new puppies and kittens (or any animal) vaccinated here to avoid diseases that they can catch while they're still young and vulnerable. Those vaccines are so much cheaper here, and it is always available, unlike those free vaccinations that the Baranggays do sometimes.

I do not ave access to their pricing though, and some of these things also depend on the weight of your dog, but you can call them up at (02) 9285463 for more info. The point is, you need not to worry too much about providing care anymore for your pets, because there are ready options out there that most Filipinos can easily afford.


Other budget-friendly vet clinics that I know of would be the ones at PARC, at the PAWS headquarters, and PPBCC.

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