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Discussing RELIGION on a Podcast RIGHT

Discussions about faith and religion had always been one of the most interesting and engaging topics for podcasts. Theists, atheists, agnostics, and other forms of the faithful often have strong emotions when talking about their beliefs. Arguments and fiery debates from eloquent and passionate speakers may sway or enrage you.

I had been planning to invite someone to talk about this topic on my show, The Powerful Komiksman Podcast, but I could not pick someone for the job. Either my candidates would have more interesting topics to talk about; or I'd pick a person that really specialize in religion and have a one-sided discussion, or risk having a heated debate with my guest without knowing how he would respond to such scenario. It was a hanging question that I may have chosen to ignore and just moved on with my regular programming.

It didn't occur to me that the best people to talk about these things are the people whom you already have strong personal connections with. I invited Tristan Isip, one of my college best friends to just hang out on my podcast's lazy, Sunday night, chill stream. It was also a virtual "reunion", since I hadn't seen him in over a decade. He was one of the first people I trusted to have mature, creative, and insightful conversations with when I was much younger. We'd talk about art, music, current events, girls, people, fool around with our stupid antics, and sometimes also, we did talk about faith.

Over the years, both of our views over faith have drastically changed. Christianity seems to have taken over much of Tristan's worldview, while I eventually adapted an "Agnostic Christian" way of living in terms of faith. Yeah, I'm just coining that term in case it hasn't been coined yet. Basically, I uphold predominantly Christian values, but have lost belief in its dogma.

We started the chill stream conversation, light, looking back at our fun memories over the years, but then, somewhere in between the laughs and stories, the podcasting gods, blessed us with forty minutes of podcast gold, finally getting the opportunity to discuss religion the way I wanted it on the podcast.

Listen, enjoy and let us know what you think. #SUBSCRIBETOKOMIKSMAN

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