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Jeps Gallon: A Pinoy Stand Up Comic's Story

Filipino stand up comedians are a rare breed. In a society where the likes of Vice Ganda and Ate Gay reign supreme as comedians in the masses' psyche, plus decades of formulaic comedy films by the likes of the late, greats, Babalu, Redford White and Dolphy, there had been little room for stand up comics to flourish in the Philippines, back in the last century.

However, things slightly changed during the 2000's. More and more Filipinos were discovering and developing interest on the vicious art of telling jokes onstage in front of a live audience. Fortunately there were people who had the balls to actually give it a shot. And thus, the local stand up scene was born, and had been steadily growing ever since.

From the pioneers, Jeps Gallon belongs to the second wave of local comedians who stubbornly refused to give up on his stand up dreams. He is now starting to reap his rewards after years of struggles and a series of heartbreaks, going through his journey.

I sat down with him last night for a whopping, FIVE-HOUR podcast! A roller coaster episode of fun, highly informative talks and insights about comedy, comedians, the local stand up scene, bands, music, and the mindset of being a performer in general. We also discussed the stages that aspiring stand up comics go through to make it in the scene, plus a heart-wrenching —pure PODCAST GOLD, tell-all account of his struggles and journey to personal growth, all the while trying to make stand up comedy work in his life.

Also, we somehow ended up spending quite sometime talking about masturbation. It is important that we do not leave that out in this blog post.

This may as well be Thanos' podcast debut... I don't know.

Check out the epic episode below:

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