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Updated: May 15, 2019

My past year and a half have been very busy for me, mentally. Juggling through deadlines as a freelance illustrator and getting hopelessly hooked into a unexpected, new passion —PODCASTING.

I swear wouldn't be exaggerating if I told you The Powerful Komiksman Podcast had occupied my mind, nearly 24/7, specially during its early months, brainstorming, planning ahead and constantly finding ways to make it better within the limited resources I have. We went from one milestone after the other on every episode while new problems pop out left and right, highlighting flaws that needed action on the show.

Nearly a year after my "official" pilot episode went live, I have now realized that I actually got the podcasts down —more or less. I've already covered all of the major holes and I am now able to produce a show with a lot more ease and efficiency. Finally I can afford to switch my full attention on other tasks at times.

So this past week, I've set my sights on my poor, underutilized website. Yes, I actually have a website: I set it up sometime last year to double as my podcast's web page and an online portfolio for my art. I had the video above as a teaser for my them upcoming, TPKP.

It is unfortunate that it ended up being used to basically just provide nice, big video thumbnails whenever I share my YouTube uploads on Facebook. I thought that was unacceptable. I'm wasting money and opportunity and I'm glad I can finally address it now.

So I made some design adjustments, conceptualized the new branding, learned and fixed some SEO and Google issues, updated Adsense, and spent hours trying to figure out how Wix works nowadays. Apparently they've added new features on the blog wherein you can build a community with your audience. I'm yet to find out exactly what it is and what you can get from it, but hey! Sign right up now anyway and let's find out together.

Pinoy Podcaster.

I've decided to narrow down and focus primarily on the budding podcasting scene in the Philippines. Expect features about podcasts, podcasters, equipment, hot topics, reviews, and more #TPKP insights on things podcast-related. At least that's what I'm thinking for now. It should be a good start.

I've also talked to some friends, asking if they can be contributing writers to help me out on this project. I am blown away that some of them agreed! So watch out for them! They're gonna be awesome.

That said, if you're also interested in writing articles, go sign up on this blog and message me to let me know. And then let's see what happens.

So, yeah! I'm relaunching the official TPKP blog today. That's about it.

See you next post and next podcast.

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