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So here I am, just breaking the ice with my very first blog post in... probably almost a decade. This is gonna be for my new website, which is currently back under construction [after a sudden change of mind after publishing it]. Once finalized, it will feature my updated artist portfolio, blog posts, a store for my prints and merchandise, plus my latest venture —podcasts and Youtube videos!

That said, I would like to welcome all visitors to the all-new,!

I've already done a number of videos on Youtube in the past couple of months. I've been tinkering in there for quite sometime already, uploading silly videos, but last October, I have finally figured out the kind of videos that I really want to do to fully revive my channel. In there, I have also started a podcast series which I'm calling, "The Powerful Komiksman Podcast". The title being a homage to my biggest influence in podcasting, Joe Rogan.

I would have to warn you though, my skills are still very raw and I have consistently encountered connection problems during my livestreams. But the plan is to just get better and keep at it until I develop enough skills and confidence to execute all of my ideas for the podcast in the future. I recon I still have a long way to go, but this journey officially starts now.


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