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TRESE on Netflix Updates! |Budjette Tan Spills It All on Podcast

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Hey, look! The lockdown got me blogging again! I hope you're are well and healthy while reading this.

So, I got to fulfil one of my very first podcast goals last March 23, 2020; when I finally had Budjette Tan (@budjette) on my podcast, The Powerful Komiksman Podcast with Jerald Dorado. It was a nearly two-hour and ten minutes episode filled with Budjette narrating the early days of the pinoy indie comics revolution, that he and his now legendary contemporaries have started. I would love to tell you about all of the things he talked about, but that will be redundant since I'm posting the video of the full episode below anyway. I elect to just suggest you watch it.

One of the highlights of the episode that really thrilled the viewers though, during the late-night livestream, were Budjette's updates regarding the upcoming Netflix Anime adaptation of his co-created masterpiece, TRESE. He also shared some bits about being offered deals by local producers and a few more, juicy, inside scoops. Again, I think it is best you just watch the video and hear it from the man himself below, than read me blog spoilers about it.

TRESE Comics is a Filipino comics series co-created by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. It is one of the best received local graphic novels in Philippine history and is now acquired for an animated series by streaming giant, Netflix. Production is under way for a 2020 release, but that was prior to the lockdowns happening world wide.

Upon re-watching the clip above, I realised there are still a ton of questions I should have asked in the interview. Two hours or so clearly wasn't enough to cover everything. For one, will the anime retain the Filipino words used in the series? Will the kambal still be the "kambal" and not the "twins", and etc.? How close or far is the art style used for the anime to Kajo's designs? Which character design thrilled Budjette the most when he first saw them? Did Budjette and Kajo have to approve the art and script before they started production? Aw, man! We need a part two!

Here's the video for the full episode as promised.

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