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Filipino story artist, Jerald Dorado's online portfolio. Storyboarding since 2006!


Colored Storyboards


Pencilled Storyboards


StoryboardsPH founder, Jerald Dorado has been working as a professional illustrator since 2001. He started his art career in creating indie and commissioned comic strips.  

In 2006, he was introduced to storyboards and animatics production. Since then, Jerald has worked for the world's top advertising companies and art agencies; drawing boards for some of the biggest brands in the planet.


In 2015, he started StoryboardsPH, where he leads and trains a team of highly-talented artists that specialize in creating world-class, presentation storyboards and animatics art.

Apart from illustration, Jerald also hosts and livestreams

his own podcast, and sings in busking gigs on Sundays.

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