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Drawing Hack #001: Illustrating Size and Scale Effectively

Illustrating scale and size of your subject is one of the most underrated skill that an artist can have. Although it is not always necessary to illustrate scale clearly in most drawings that artists do, having the expertise to show it convincingly can dramatically elevate the storytelling aspect of your picture.

Click below to play the video explaining it further.

The video features the Bungisngis —a giant cyclops from Philippine mythology. It is one of the drawings I created for Inktober 2017. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete all thirty one drawings for the challenge, but I was able to record video screen captures of me working on them, so I might as well do their videos.

Check out my Inktober 2017 playlist so far below.

And here's the rest of my Inktober 2017 drawings:

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