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TPKP Turns 1 with a Powerful Carlo Vergara Episode

June 03, 2018 saw the official pilot episode of The Powerful Komiksman Podcast. With no proof of concept and armed only with high hopes, I gathered enough courage to invite one of the biggest names in the local komiks scene, Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah creator, Carlo Vergara. Last night, a year later, I celebrated my first year of podcasting and honor Carlo's eagerness to podcast with me on that day.

TPKP 47 opened with Carlo interviewing me this time, asking for my thoughts on how and why I started, and what it is like, forty six episodes after our first session. Several TPKP-style topic changes soon followed, covering some insights on the Law of Attraction, watching self-help videos on self-improvement and financial literacy and motivational heroes.

The episode's top highlight came later on the conversation when depression was discussed. Carlo gave an amazing and laudably honest account of his personal struggles in battling depression, while I ask questions in the hopes to enlighten myself on how to more effectively help a person who suffers in this crippling mental condition.

The segment turns out another golden pinoy podcasting moment which I hope more Filpinos could see and hear. I will definitely upload a clip of that soon so watch out it.

Overall, it was another excellent episode —no less than what I expected when talking to one of the most creative Filipinos in the business.

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