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#JRE Mirroring #TPKP!

I have mentioned many times in the podcast already how Joe Rogan's The Joe Rogan Experience was the inspiration behind the conception of my own's, The Powerful Komiksman Podcast. I can even state how much this show influenced my life.

Now, I just saw the most recent JRE episode, on Youtube as of this writing; his guest was a guy called, Banacheck. I am not familiar with him nor his works, but apparently, he is a celebrity mentalist. The podcast went on with the usual conversations, until Banacheck starts doing his mentalist tricks live on the podcast. Check out the video below.

Hmm... Now where have I seen a mentalist perform mind-reading and fork bending live on a podcast before? Oh, that's right! TPKP: Episode #014 with pinoy mentalist, Kel Fabie! To this day, I am still stumped on how he pulled off this awesome metal bending act.

Now my title, "#JRE Mirroring #TPKP" is obviously a joke, but I couldn't help but be thrilled when I saw Joe and Banacheck doing some of the exact same things me and Kel did in that episode; so thrilled, it made me blog again!

You feel that? That's called, vibrations!

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